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Technogel is pleased to announce the addition of Technogel University. From individualized training to small groups, let Technogel show you how to enhance your profitability. We offer full on-site training at your establishment or provide training in our kitchen using the types of equipment tailored specifically for your store. From gelato to soft-serve yogurt and ice cream, let us show you and your team how to effectively run, clean, sanitize you equipment, and maintain your investment. We can assist you in adding products such as gourmet coffees, espresso, panini presses, and flavor additives to your new or existing product line. Technogel has years of experience in helping customers design and create stores tailored to their desires and needs. From our corporate clients to our smaller, more local establishments, Technogel University will help you understand the "ins and outs" of running your very own ice cream store.